Harprasad Ram Pyari Degree College, Barkhera

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Teaching Pedagogy

The learning processis very crucial for students' overall growth and development into a participant in the industry.

It's eventually a reflection of an institute's teaching methodologies. We believe in being volatile and open to new and innovative mmethodes of teaching and delivering the best possible knowledge in the most efficient manner.


Spacious, airy and well lighted class rooms and lecture halls facilitate the teaching-learning process and are conducive to both conventional lecture methods and group discussions. The class rooms also have teaching aids in the classrooms.


We have a well-stocked library having ample number of books, periodicals, journals the and latest and up-to-date reading, research and reference materials for our students. The library is at present semi computerized, and is in the process of getting fully online. With this facility the students will be able to find any book, periodical or journal through their laptops.


Harprasad Ram Pyari Degree College has a state of the art computing facility for the students on campus. The Computer Centre has One server with Windows 2003, and Linux as the operating environment. The campus has a network of more than 50 plus computers, which is Wi-Fi enabled to ensure mobile computing at all locations. The campus has a 2 MBPS, 24-hour high-speed internet connectivity.
The lab is equipped with the best available Hardware and Software currently. We have a high class server providing round the clock access to nodes in the lab. Each node is powerful enough to support high computing needs.


We have an excellent sports facility for various indoor and outdoor games.
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