Harprasad Ram Pyari Degree College, Barkhera

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Harprasad Ram Pyari Degree College of excellence with the following key constituents.
  •    Comprehensive education for hoslistic development of individual personality with a human e touche and gloable outlook.
  •    Synthesizing in its educational processes and Enterpreneurship with Management and vice-versa.
  •    Environment which nurtures, otivates and inspires development of management giftedness.


Harprasad Ram Pyari Degree College, Barkhera is translating its vision into practice through launching of Institutions operating comprehensive educational process to import knowledge and skills, both for the growing young students at the graduate levels and at the same time conduct Programmers for meeting specific needs of Business, Industry and other organizations by delivering toilored Training & Development. HRP College attempt is to ensure inclusion of the following elements in its curricula for learning.
  •    Liberal art vision building
  •    Technology appreciation for understanding the changing scenarios in the world today
  •    Businees skills along with the essential ingredient of business ethics leading to enterpreneurial orientation as well as humane and environmental concerns in all whatever we do
  •    Value framework that is global yet national
  •    Learning by doing
  •   Creating industrial linkages and supporting centers to generate innovation and excellence
  •    Strong links with international and national Universities, Institues and Centers doing similar innovative work.

Strategic Goals

  •    To develop a world class innovative Centre of excellence that integrates Academia, Research, Consulting for not only knowlede, but knowledge creation
  •    To become a resource centre for adapting that best practices of Universities in advanced nations to developing country and emerging economy contexts.
  •    To facilitate innovation action withing the institution and incubate 'Entrepreneurial' initiatives that will impact Public policy and Society
  •    To apply adapt and develop new technology based learning pedogogies that promote experiential learning through participative inquiry
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